Hairs cut, Hill Intervals, Half Marathons

I was forced last night to do something I did not want to do...cut Big E's hair. It all started when those cute little tendrils started wisping and billowing "knotting and matting in a rat's nest":  when he slept, and when they started wrapping around his ears and cascading down the back of his neck..some said it was "white trash"  I called it "hippie free chic"...and that is when the fight started...not between me and k-hubs, between me and the comb trying to get the rat's nest had to go....and I want from a 18 month old to a little man it looks like...

Okay, and now on to the task at hand.....catch up.....

I am using this Hal Higdon Half Marathon plan

Breakfast-Egg Scramble with Avocado and K-Hubs homemade salsa
Lunch- Salad with Steamed veggies, Tomato, and Turkey
Dinner- see above explanation
Snacks: I have been enjoying pears a lot lately...with some Bear Naked Granola and yogurt...YUMMY!
Breakfast- Van's Gluten Free Waffle with Sunflower Butter(I am loving) and bananas
Lunch-  Another turkey salad, with roasted broccoli and tomatoes
Dinner- Grilled Shrimp, Spinach, Carrots, and Pear Slices(dressing K-Hubs salsa)
Snacks today:  Apple with some Bear Naked Granola



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