Confirmation class and fish cups

Last night was my last class to become confirmed in our church. no preview My husband is Lutheran and in order to participate in communion you need to be confirmed Lutheran so I bit the bullet and took the classes since it is my primary church. Now we have to stand on stage as they recognize us...yuck, I hate standing on stage in front of people...

Yesterday' eats....

 A recycled picture, but my favorite breakfast, egg scramble with spinach, peppers, onions
My favorite Larabar ever!!! and an apple
Inhaled my lunch and forgot to take a picture but it was baked chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato
Baked Cod Fish Cups with broccoli, mushrooms, and green beans.  Whole Wheat Tortilla Shells to house the goodness, and some fresh mozzarella on top!

The hubby was working hard making salsa last night, he canned at least 10 jars.  HE ROCKS!

While he was slaving away in the kitchen I was slaving away on the treadmill doing a sprint interval workout and lifting legs.
Do you can anything...we have tomatoes growing out of our ears...but sure is nice having fresh salsa and sauces year round.


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