Thursday Thoughts....

Just the title alone scares ya doesn't one wants to get inside this head and listen to my thought processes....

......Breakfast...hmm what do I want, I feel like eggs
.....uh oh, only two eggs left, better get some more from farm down the road
....wish we had chickens so I could have my own eggs that chicken was really mean to me as a child, always pecking at me, he didn't last long on the farm
......we had a woodchuck there too, and wild turkeys, and a possum
.....I thought that possum was dead, but it was just playing dead, what a dumb thing to do, cause we throw dead animals on the burn would be burnt alive...yuck...don't want to see that
.....what animals are you supposed to play dead with if confronted...bears?  hmm
.....wonder what happened to that bear that was wondering around Iowa?
.....what would I do if there was a bear and I was on my bike...pedal like hell for sure...would it run after me

And I will stop there before you think I am a total wack job,  this was all on my bike ride into bootcamp....

Yesterday if you missed it...on instagram(follow me at cswfityoga)
 A braided halo, felt like an angel, husband said horns are just hidden..not cool
 My work(senior retirement community) had a booth at the fair, Senior Day, so we sweated it out in 110 degree heat to enlighten the masses!!!
 Good mail day!!!

Golfed last night, hot but at least there was a nice warm breeze to keep the sweat from just dripping down our faces....

Workout today consisted of a cardio only day...#bootcamp this morning...

Hope you had a great day...

Do your thoughts trail off like mine or are you pretty focused?


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