That DAM half marathon recap

Sorry, this post is late but honestly I have gotten a great response for my online personal training so I have been swamped getting that squared away....


I did it...I made goal of 1:45 for my half fact, I got a 1:44...I could not believe it...I know it is a bit silly but I cried when I crossed the finish line...deep down I really honestly thought I would not be able to make the time, 8:22 a mile is a pretty fast pace for me that kind of mileage....

Won't you come along with me as I recap my DAM TO DAM half marathon

Friday night: Left town around 5 to meet my sisters, mom, and nieces for supper in Des Moines...before we headed to my aunt's to hang out. I am so mad, I did not take a picture while we were eating...not gonna lie when us girls get talkin not much else gets pre race meal consisted of a salmon fillet and a sweet potato...both were absolutely delicious!

We arrived at my aunt's house and I was feeling a little antsy and nervous for the next day and needed to get some air, so my mom, sister, and I went for a walk around the neighborhood..

4:30 a.m. came pretty fast on Saturday dressed, garimined up, and had my usual pre race breakfast...start with some coffee, to get things going...and 1 piece of Ezekiel bread with Maranatha almond butter, half a sliced banana on top..(reusing picture, too nervous in morning to take pictures)

 Walking across the the Dam to get to the start of the race...there was not one ripple in the water...the inhabitants on the boat woke up as we were lining up(apparent bachelor party and started using the megaphone...kept saying... was funny the first time..) once the coffee had worked it's magic we head to Saylorville Lake...for the start of the race...

<-------Got my game face on, it sad that I am nervous again writing this...


My cousin and I after the race...she ran with a bunch of Simpson College students(GO STORM!!!)

My thoughts on the race....I felt absolutely amazing up until mile 8...I don't know what happened but from the waist down it was as if my legs weighed a thousand pounds....they were cramping up(I was hydrating the whole time) but let me tell you, mile 8-13 were ALL MENTAL!!!!  It was a constant battle between my legs saying stop, slow down, and my competitive, neurotic brain saying...HELL NO, we gotta goal to get...needless to say my brain won out and I finished....

1276  256 W30  Casey Wetjen, 30*, Williamsburg, IA          2:01:42    2:05:00    9:48
340   78 W30  Casey Wetjen, 32*, Williamsburg, IA            50:02     1:43:57    1:44:52    8:22

Beautiful weather, beautiful people, and a PR...doesn't get much better than that...

Sunday I got to play golf with this hunk of a man...I am one lucky girl!


Have a great day!

Have you reached any goals yet this year?


  1. Look at that improvement! That is flat-out-spectacular. Congrats. a Sub 1:50 is my goal, i missed it earlier this year by a minute on a hilly course., so I am super excited to give the legs a test on a flat course.

    So excited for you. Great job!

    1. Thank you! It felt great to get my goal...You so got the 1:50...when is your race?


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