A little Back/Bicep work, some sweaty cardio...good day!

I am so excited because I am back to putting together workouts for myself and the hubs...they have been put on hold for awhile as I was really focusing on that DAM 1/2marathon, but now that it is over I am in full fledge strength training mode.  I really want to lean down and define muscles....maybe to work towards a certain #fitnessbucketlist goal that I can't bring myself to register for because I am nervous scared doubtful...all of the above....
I have also been nursing a bum foot from the race...don't know what happened but, oh snap, does the bottom of my foot towards the outer edge hurt something fierce...slowly getting better but I was gimping around pretty good...

Last Night's Feature: Back/Biceps first, 30 minute heart pumping cardio to follow

This workout felt like I was just giving away sweat....speaking of giveaways(how did you like that segue) I am hosting my first giveaway with some amazing Norwex products!  Please check it out and comment for your chance to win!

And since some of you were curious about my meals throughout the day on Thursday:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 tbsp of raw almond butter, 1/2 banana
Snack: Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt, Cascadian Farms Granola on top
Lunch: 2 tbsps of Hummus, veggie plate(broccoli, carrots, peppers, etc)
Snack: Homemade Larabar-Apple
Supper: 1 oz sweet potato, spinach and romaine lettuce, 2 ounces of shredded chicken, balsamic dressing, 1/3 cup of avocado

(When I am preparing supper, that is the hardest time for me not to snack...I had a handful of Eli's honeycomb cereal, a couple of pretzel m&m's) This is what I am working on, having healthy veggies and fruit available to eat...

Tonight's Workout: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

What's your go-to snack at night if you are just needing something before bed!


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