Is he going to come back?

So, my son traveled up to my parent's this week after his baseball game to hangout with his cousins and go to the County Fair...and I have come to the conclusion...
1. He is not going to want to come back to boringsville with his mom and dad, because he is having way too much fun up there
2. I need to be a stay at home mom, at least part, where can I come into cash real quick, the lottery has not been my friend, so I might have to figure out a different route

A photo dump from my sister of his adventures......
                                   Before we left we took a picture, look at the photo bomber in the back, why is he gritting his teeth and wielding some sort of stick....

Adventure #1 Horse Show at the Fair (you like my niece on the right picking her nose)
 Adventure #2 Cousin Peyton got a 4 wheeler for her birthday....great, now someone is going to want a four wheeler too!

Adventure #3...Pool Time
 Adventure #4....Library Story Time
 Adventure #5...McDonald's for a treat...B was probably loving that!!!

So, tell me, how do I swing not working when I have a newly built home that has a pretty hefty mortgage payment...if you win the lottery (like the factory workers just 45 minutes north of us did) please donate to the "Casey wants to stay home with her kids part time fund...thanks so much!"

So we are heading North tonight to collect my child and take part in the County Fair traditions...we will send above mentioned son off to the scrambles to try to catch a rabbit, a chicken, and whatever else he wants to...we will watch the Chuckwagon races, and ride rides... all the while reminiscing about my childhood at the fair and so thankful that my son can experience it too...cannot wait!!! 

Do you know what the Chuckwagon Races are?  The best part, betting on the races with my 90 year old grandpa.  We put a quarter in for each race.....he thinks his black team is the best, my gold team usually ends up winning...that's how we roll!


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