A great weekend and "Brenton" crossfit

I was missing from blogosphere this weekend because I was out living it up!!! For this first time in weeks, we had nothing on the agenda, we were the masters of our own destiny....  I think the boys and I spent 8 hours each day outside soaking up the sun, playing on the swingset, transplanting flowers/bushes, grilling, swimming, walking, playing, jumping, eating dirt(Eli, not me)..., and enjoying a graduation party with friends....we couldn't of asked for better weather.  After these kind of weekends, you really just sit back, thank GOD for count your blessings! 

2..... and 3......

I also got in a great workout Saturday morning...Crossfit at home and a "shaky arm" inducing strength workout!

This is my video of me doing the "Brenton" workout, my husband was having a "spasattack" on the bear crawls...he said to bend my legs, which is the way I have always done it, but the video I watched the girl had straight legs...so I went with the straight legs....I think I will go with bent next time  so I can go faster...JUST AN FYI ...First time my husband taped me, second time...my son wanted to tape me and he got real close and personal, and I was panting and huffing good...just keepin it real

Have you done the "Brenton" at crossfit...bent or straight legs?


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