Crossfit, Crossfit, Crossfit

I haven't been posting many workouts but it doesn't mean I am not doing any, fo sho! In addition to my bootcamp workouts in the morning,   I have really been hitting the crossfit workouts at home...preparing myself to join a gym locally.  I wanted to really try out the workouts to see if I enjoyed them and I am loving them.  I love lifting weights again and building my strength up, and hopefully leaning out.  The moves are so challenging and bust my butt but that is what I love!  Here's a recap of a few I have done.  I get my crossfit workouts from an app on my Samsung Android called WODBOXWodbox...and it rocks!  They have a workout of the day that alerts me on my phone and away I go!  Some workouts and pictures from my last week.

How you like that face??? HAHA Not a lot of weight but just starting out and I have to remind myself of that!
And seriously, the GNC #GenetixHD line takes my workouts to a whole new level.  I had a blogger friend recommend them to me... I researched the products...saw her phenomenal results, and now I am hooked on them too.  You will see all my pictures with either a #prosculpt or #metaignite(taken before my workouts) to power me through.  They give me that extra push to power through the workouts, and continue to burn fat and utilize muscle long after my workouts are done!  If you have questions, please just let me know! 

It is scorching out today, good thing I don't have any runs planned!!! But we do have a baseball game tonight!  Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!


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