Weekend recap and UA what's beautiful training video

A weekend recap...in pictures....with a few words

It's sprinkler time....
 Momma got her hair did, only not as light as I wanted, so I am going back this week to get my hair redid......
1/2 marathon training for the day.....8 miles and my legs felt fantastic....loving these Merrell Barefoot Shoes
My running partner, but sadly I think she is getting a little too old for the long runs, breaks my heart, she was quite a ways behind me so I would have to slow down and wait for her....Bo(my yellow lab) better get ready to be my wingman.....(I feel safer running with my dogs)

This is what we were doing Saturday and Sunday.....herbs,flowers, garden, and front porch decor...oh my!
Lest not forget garage saling with my sister...scored 0 deals, nada,zilch.......how disappointing

And lastly, I am doing a challenge with UnderArmour and their What's Beautiful campaign.  My challenge for myself was to enter a obstacle course run...which I did...Warrior Dash, July 16th....bring it....anyways, I am submitting a "training" video for climbing the rope...my hands are still sore after practicing yesterday...this here is about the 8th try till I finally figured out a method that I was comfortable with.....


  1. That's awesome!! I don't think that I could do that...I love your goal and this whole campaign. It's been so amazing to hear everyone's story. I have no doubt that you are going to rock the Warrior Dash!

    1. Thanks Christine...I appreciate the kind words!


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