My running story, and a revelation

First, check me out at Tuesday Trainer with Lindsay'sList and her substitute Janeetha.  We did Upper Body Pyramid Sets and this workout is going to burn. 

My running story.....  Running used to never be my thing, I hated it, I hated the way I felt while doing it and I was just bored....that all changed when I signed up for my 1st half marathon, because it was on my bucket list,  and thanks to that bucket list and my OCD need to cross things off my lists, I there found my love for running. I found that I loved the mental toughness it took to complete those long runs, telling my body that I could do more and I could give more.  I would try to get my runs in early morning or over my lunch hour which gave me some "me time"......the crisp cool morning air woke me up and prepared me for the day and my lunch hour gave me the time away from the office to regain my sanity refresh and make the afternoon work day has become a passion of mine, and the rest is history, in the making, as I did two half marathons last year, and I have two scheduled this year.  I am currently training for one on June 2nd. 

My issue since I started running has been finding the perfect shoe to limit the shock to my knees and limit the "pain" and I have tried every running shoe known to man to find that shoe that reduces the shock on my knees so they don't start aching halfway through my runs, wear and tear from collegiate volleyball and basketball , and I have found some great ones. My Mizuno Waves were by far my favorite........ up until now and here is where the power of social media comes in.....I love, love social media because people are knowledge and product reviewers and if I wouldn't have read something about Merrell pace glove shoes, I might never have tried them, and would have never know what pain free running feels like.  I purchased the Pace Shoes( I wanted the orange but they were all out:(, next pair I guess) and have not looked back since. 

Our bootcamp class trains barefoot so getting acclimated to these was not a tough transition but it was a pain free one. I couldn't believe it.  I have had these for two weeks, ran 4/4 mile days, 3/3.5 miles and  7 miles on Saturday for my 1/2 marathon training and I had not one knee twinge....not was...awesome....quite frankly everytime I run I am just in shock how good my legs feel, so needless to say, I am sold on the "barefoot" running. I will continue to train with these and will continue to invest in them. I have worn them everywhere, they are that comfortable.  I am also curious about the Dash glove shoe so that might be on my list next. 

Have you tried barefoot shoe running? What are your thoughts?

Merrell in no way provided me compensation for this review, but if they read this I would love more pairs of these shoes!!:) I just think they are really great and have helped my running comfort and endurance immensely. 

P.S. The hubs is even going to purchase some to wear for his Tough Mudder runs and 1/2 marathons!  


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