Are you a Tough Mudder???

Things around here super busy this week and weekend, and will continue to be for the summer....I think that with kids you will constantly be busy and I have accepted that.  I love lists so I am making on  for this blog post....

1.  First a weekend recap

Logged my long run on Saturday...9 miles for the DamtoDam 1/2 marathon on June excited...Sunday was Mother's Day, breakfast in bed, mimosas, a handmade necklace, my hair redid,  and family could not get any better and I am so blessed to have these boys in my life...

2. What's to come?

Mudder Nation

A. My husband and 10 other guys are participating in the Tough Mudder this weekend in Minneapolis, and us wives are going to be there to provide oxygen and puke buckets support to them, and participate in a celebratory beverage or two! We are taking a van up so it should be a AWESOME adults weekend and we are so excited. I want to do the Tough Mudder so I will be scoping the situation out...there will be vlogs and pictures, and updates! 

B. Training for my 1/2 marathon which is coming up on June 2nd already, I get butterflies in my belly just thinking about it.  I am in a 10K on Memorial Day weekend so that will get me some competitive running before the big day.

3. Holy Buckets!!!
        My sisters and I....and two of us are pregnant...Can you guess which two of us is pregnant????????????????????

Heck no it isn't me....that is a post coming up later....but it is both of my sisters who are expecting and both within a month of each other!!!HOLY BUCKETS, I am going to be a busy Aunt....

Any #FitFluential Ambassadors going to be at or participating in the Minneapolis Tough Mudder..would love to meet up. 

Speaking of #FitFluential, they are accepting applications to participate at many various levels, you don't have to be a blogger.....check it out.... for Enthusiasts, Influencers, and Ambassadors.


  1. Do you live in MPLS? I'm a blogger from MN as well!

    1. Nope, from Iowa, just going to be up there for the Tough Mudder event:)

  2. I want to do a tough mudder or something similar...there is one here called the Volcano Mud Run in Mt. Shasta California that I am thinking of doing but not sure yet! Have a great time.


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