WIAW- Serving up an extra cup


Once again, Jenn at PeasandCrayons is hosting WIAW Wednesday and we are serving up an extra cup of veggies.  We have all taken the Veg Pledge and it has been awesome! It really makes me focus on getting those extra veggies in...and if I can't find a way that day, I drink EnergyFirst Greenenergy which equals 5 servings of veggies...so I am really focusing on getting those veggies in!  Here are my eats for the week:

my favorite larabar, choc chip peanut butter, of course a chobani to the rescue, spinach and kale from my garden that grew from last years seeds, another salad, balsamic chicken with lemon green beans(see recipe here), a wasa cracker with laughing cow cheese wedge in sundried tomato, breakfast with protein almond butter and a egg white scramble, feeding my iced coffee addiction with my new Cuppow lid , asparagus and quinoa concoction(not so Quinoa on it, get it "Keen on it"..indulge my humor please), morning oatmeal, another salad, and lastly cinnamon raisin ezekiel toast with almond butter, bananas, and chia seeds.....
Have a fabulous day and don't forget EAT YOUR VEGGIES!


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Take care!

  2. I haven't seen the cinnamon raisin Ezekiel before! Hopefully I've just been overlooking it because I'd love to snag some of that :)

    1. It is the brand Ezekiel 4.9 and it is so good, hopefully you can find some, if not, let me know and I will send you some, no one should be deprived of deliciousness!
      Have a great day!


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