Half Marathon training begins today

So i signed up for my 1st half Marathon of the year yesterday. I have been diligently running because I love to but now I am running with a BIG goal on mind.My PR on a half Marathon is 1:58. I am going for 1:45 for my first of the year.Very reasonable and very doable.I am looking forward to it, the scenery is awesome, and the atmosphere is awesome.
First workout done today. 7 miles and my legs felt  great, i am thinking it is due to the Merrell pace shoes(post on that later).  Forllowed the run with an arm workout and called other a day.
The hubs and i have a date night tonight, no ordinary date night, pictures will come later.
Have a great day!
Are you signed up for any half marathon yet? Already run one? What was your goal time?


  1. Yeah I am gunning for a 1:45 this year too! I know I can do it if I can managed to not injure myself in the speed work..I tend to get overzealous when I get started

    1. Great for you. I tend to push myself on the speed workouts too, and I don't think my body realizes it was not built for speed:)


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