Workout Recap

Hubby and I did a kick ass Tabata arms were sore the next day
I got a tempo 4 miler in while supper was cooking in the oven
BestBody Boot Camp workout A (see recap below)

The kids were still sleeping, and I was wide awake so I decided to get my long run in for my half marathon training...8 miles and  I felt okay, legs were a little heavy from the workout the day before....
and boy were my hips sore the next day, don't know if it was from the new running shoes or what

Bootcamp at the gym legs were killing me all day from the long run, and 2 bootcamps

"Rest" day for me
Led Bootcamp,  felt cold coming on more aggressively:(
Battled tenants in a game of Water Volleyball at work(we won)
Walked for a half an hour for our to log minutes for Live Healthy Iowa Challenge at work

Cue massive cold and total body meltdown
Women's Volleyball....tournament time= GO TIME(won both games)

Led Bootcamp
Best Body Bootcamp Workout C
3 mile nooner over my lunch hour

Best Body Bootcamp Review thus far:
So far the best way to describe it is.....painful, soreness, but a really great program and change from my usual routine. I am really liking the focus on stabilization and functional training, using different tempo training, and mixing the cardio in.   It is easily customizable to my crazy schedule and that's what makes it so accessible. Sorry... can't share the exercises with you out of respect for all her hard work!  Great Job Tina!


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