Hi, I'm Casey and I have an iced coffee addiction....and Cuppow

Winter time I am a peppermint mocha and hot coffee kind of girl, but this unseasonably warm weather has me wanting to satisfy  my iced coffee addiction .  I found a great recipe Adapted from The Pioneer Woman that I just love and it is so easy and so tasty

Start by adding your coffee.... in a big ole container,( I do have a way with words, don't I). I use a 6 qt container I got from Sam's Club or the hubs mother in law, not sure. 
I used 4 ounces of coffee because I am not a fan of strong coffee, you, however, feel free to use as much coffee as you want..then I added 4 quarts of water, gave it a quick stir and placed it in the fridge to "become fabulous" for 8 hours

Next step: After it has sat for 8 hours, grab your fine mesh strainer and some cheesecloth, or papertowels, and pour the "elixir of life" through the cheesecloth/papertowel and get all those nasty grinds filtered

 Place the "fountain of deliciousness" in a container, for your drinking pleasure at any time, in the fridge
I combine almond milk and a packet of stevia with my iced coffee for a "taste sensation" but you can add whatever you would like, sweet condensed milk, half and half, skim milk...the possibilities are endless....but unfortunately my jug of iced coffee is not, so I will be making another as soon as this runs out!!! 

Also, I love using Ball jars for drinks but hated that there was no lids...fear not...Iowa Girl Eats found a lid for Ball jars called Cuppow
hell to the yes I ordered one and I cannot wait to try it out! 



  1. hey casey!!

    i think your blog is great!! speaking of mason jars(love them, i so want to get one of those lids) a friend passed this on to me today, looks yummy and something quick to grab and go in the morning!!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I love overnight oats for breakfast in the summer after my workouts, so yummy! I am anxiously waiting for my lid to arrive!


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