Goals for 2012

I love running in the morning, early...when no one else is probably awake, and the air is crisp, and I can see my breath just a little bit.  It is on these morning runs that I do my best thinking....today as I was tackling 8 miles, I got to thinking what my running goals were for this year....and I can say that  it is going to be a busy summer. 

So..here they are in no particular order

1.  Complete 3-5 half marathons...already signed up for one May 19th, and there are 2 others I have done in the past that I enjoyed so I am probably going to do them again.  I would LOVE to do a #rundisney half marathon....

2. A triathlon...I keep putting these off just because of my half marathons...I figure I can squeeze one in this summer....to get my "feet wet" in the triathlon competition

3. An obstacle run....which I have signed up for.  I am doing the Warrior Dash by Des Moines in July.  These look right up my alley with running and obstacles and all sorts of fun!  I would like to squeeze in a Dirty Girl Mud Run too, so I will have to check that schedule of their events...

4. Another leg of Ragbrai....I would like to do the Marshalltown to Anamosa leg, I think it is 85 miles.  I did 75miles last year on the Ragbrai leg I rode last year...so I know I could do this one...

So there you have it, my running/biking/swimming goals for this year.  Looks like it is going to get busy up in here!


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