A Friday Survey A-Z

I took the que from Lindsay at Lindsay's List who got the idea from Janetha to do a survey, and since I didn't really have anything on the ole blog schedule, I decided to fill it out....be prepared to be WOWED!!! cough cough...yeah right

A is for age: Blerg...31, with a birthday coming up on March 31 making me a whopping 32....but I feel great and am loving life so I am just going to go with the flow
B is for breakfast today:  2 scrambled eggs, whole wheat english muffin with natural almond butter, skim milk
C is for currently craving: To breathe through my nose and for the coughing to go away, stupid cold
D is for dinner tonight:  Don't know, heading out on a roadtrip to my parent's house for the weekend and we will see what she has cooked up
E is for favorite type of exercise:  Tabatas, HIIT, I love short bursts of balls to the wall energy, and then a short recovery period, gets the ole heart pumping and the sweat going!
F is for an irrational fear:  Of something happening to my family...I worry everyday which is nonsense, God is in control...right!
G is for gross food:  SAUERKRAUT!!!!
H is for hometown: A little town in Iowa.....

I is for something important:  My family is the most important thing to me.....I will do anything and everything in my power to protect them, and provide for them!
J is for current favorite jam: Beggin...by Madcon is my favorite song right now, it is like old school soul rock....listening to it right now and bopping at my desk....
K is for kids:  2, Bryson , a tenderhearted 5 year old who thinks he can do anything now that he is 5 because he is so much bigger than when he was 4, and then there is Eliyas or "Frank the Tank" who eats everything and anything in sight!

L is for current location:  Work...obviously working very hard!
M is for the most recent way you spent money: OLD NAVY CLEARANCE RACK....tax return was burning a hole in mommas pocket, and I got us some stuff from the Under Armour Outlet(that place is pure evil), having the outlet mall 5 minutes away...not good, convenient yes
N is for something you need:  I really honestly can't think of anything I need right now...which is kind of nice....

 O is for occupation: I am a Wellness Coordinator at a Retirement Community, putting seniors through the paces, through exercises, outings, and whatever else we want to do!  I also teach Yoga, am a Personal Trainer, and lead a Bootcamp class.
P is for pet peeve: When my 2 big boys( the 1 year old still has time) take their shoes and coats  off in front of the door instead of the mudroom so then I end up tripping over them(because if there is something lying on the floor, I will trip over it)
Q is for a quote: 
                                         Hello...this is Sunny and he is all up in your grill!
S is for favorite healthy snack: Pink Lady Apples with Almond Butter smashed in granola
T is for favorite treat: Pretzel M&M's, Salty-Sweet, total deliciousness, total addiction
U is for something that makes you unique:  I am so not unique....my unique feature would probably involve the tattoo that I got with my 2 sisters....makes US unique.....(2 minutes 30 seconds for that baby and I almost passed out...I am so tough)
also, I go bow hunting with my husband...wasn't able to last year with a newborn but going to this year...

V is for favorite vegetable: Sweet Potato hands down
W is for today’s workout:  Bootcamp 1, BestBody Bootcamp, Fit2Flex50 and Plank-a-day(twitter keeps me busy) with a nice long walk with the sisters and mom when we get to my hometown tonight
X is for X-rays you’ve had:  Broke my finger freshman year in high school, broke a rib in college during baskeball game, broken toe-stubbed it on edge of bed(see letter P)
Y is for yesterday’s highlight:  Playing outside with my boys last night, and Eli's first time down the slide...the giggles were priceless

Z is for your time zone:  Central Standard Time. All the t.v. shows are at the perfect time!

Wow, I haven't done one of those in a long time, hope I didn't bore you and you know a little bit more about me now!


  1. Quite an interesting blog, Hats off to your creative thinking.

  2. I'm LOVING that tattoo, Casey!! I've been actually thinking of getting the Tuesday Trainer symbol somewhere! Did it hurt?

    1. Thanks Lindsay...and I wouldn't say it hurt, it felt like someone was pushing a pen really hard into my wrist and it was anoying...I think the sound bothered me more of the needle machine.....I think the Tuesday Trainer symbol would be awesome for you to do!


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