Focker out and WIAW

This is so what I am feeling right now.......not the pregnant part, but the, "I have been hit by a dumptruck since my 5 year old gave me his cold",  kind of feeling....I spent last night coughing and sweating and got no sleep and did not make it to my 5:30a.m. Bootcamp(you know I must feel like (bleep) if I don't make it to Bootcamp.  Anyways, I will press on, got Volleyball championships tonight so I better perk up:)

Funny Story, involving the cold, between me and my son last week before I got his cold

B: Mom you better not give me any kisses because I don't want you to catch my cold
Me: B, mom's don't care, and mom's will give you kisses even if you get sick because that is what we do and I don't care if I get your cold
B: I love you mom
Me today: I hate colds,maybe he knew what he was talking about:)

And now without any further procrastination, here is WIAW with Jenn at PeasandCrayons

a green salad mix with all sorts of goodies in it.........breakfast starring my banana bread pancakes Eggland's Best Egg Whites which I got for free with a coupon in a giveaway I won with Lindsay over at the LeanGreenBean....... sandwhich recipe here consisting of apple pears, smoked gouda, spinach...simply moutwatering...I love warm pears, snack with mentioned apple pear.......... Snack with apple and clif bars........ another breakfast with Eggland's Best Egg Whites and some whole wheat thin bagels from Thomas's............. my Kombucha fixation in Guava Goddess........... and in the bottom corner we have a new freeze dried fruit snack from Just Tomatoes..........and another sandwhich with whole wheat chibatta bread, tomatoes, spinach, and lean turkey............
So there you go, got my greens in with the salads and sandwhiches and eggs....

Here's hoping to feeling better in the morning!


  1. that pear, gouda, and spinach sandwich combination sounds fantastic. plus, it has green! happy wiaw!

    1. Thanks Sara! It is very good, one of my favorites. Happy WIAW to you too!

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