Beggin...for this cold to go away, which it is....I feel much better and even got a quick 3 mile nooner in over my lunch hour at work and it felt awesome!!! I love this weather!...(p.s. we have showers at work.....don't want you think I sit and stew in my own filth all day) husband to get the grill put together...he honestly is trying but things just happen and life happens and some things get put on the backburner...the nice weather has got my grillin fingers all on fire though..
                                           new favorite song by Madcon and I think I could listen to it all the time....which made me think... I should post my playlist of what I listened to today on my run....warning though, I listen to all types of music, all genres, and speeds of music while I am running.  I have to listen to music while I am running so I don't hear myself breathing, because if I focus on my breathing I try to regulate it too much and then I get's a long story...but this is my system and this is how I get my runs in and it works.


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