Where did that year go?

How is it that my baby went from this...............

and this...............

                                                            To this.....so extremely fast

....I just want time to slow down....he is walking all over the place and eating all on his own...and I am not ready for that...this is it for us....our family of four is complete so he needs to slow down on the growing up!

I feel with the second one, I am not really soaking in his "babiness", due to the fact that there are two kids that now need mommy's attention.  I try to capture moments in photographs, but they don't do justice to the "smells" and the "sounds"....so I will relish his growing up and take each day one by one, even though they pass by at warp speed. 

Mommy, Daddy, and B love you Big E.  You have brought so much to our lives already, we can't wait to see what you do next, as long as it is in a reasonable time frame and not too fast!

Birth Story:

Oddly enough, Big E was to be born on his brothers birthday...February 17th.  Didn't plan it that way, just worked out like that..My family does not live that close to us, about a 2 hour drive, so we schedule birthday weekends and it so happened that the 6th was the weekend we chose so as not to have an unexpected(delivery)visitor and B could celebrate his birthday.  I think it was the 3rd of February and I had my doctors checkup.....everything looked good and Kyle and I left to go out to lunch which we did after every appt.  Well, during lunch, things happened(bleeding, and other not so pleasant stuff) and we were directed to the hospital...where they found out the doctor had broken a blood vessel, and everything was fine....went home that night and got prepared for the birthday party the next day.....
Family showed up, we had a blast, and all throughout the day I had been "contracting" mildly and thought nothing of it, I was almost due so I just figured normal contractions....soon family left and my mom asked if she would be coming back up to see the new baby, and I assured her no....no sooner did they leave and get on the road......the contractions got stronger...me, my sister Rachael, (who lives in our hometown with her hubby and two beautiful girls decided to stay that night so they kids could play a little longer) and my sister Nicole( who lives near me) were all sitting around chatting and they decided I should call the hospital...our first child decided to come rather quickly so waiting around was probably not the best solution....so off Kyle and I went to the hospital...they hooked me up to monitors, water had not broke, but I was defiantly in labor....this was all about 7 o'clock.... the hospital admitted me around 10, contracted for a few hours, and delivered Eli via natural( had both boys without any epidural or drugs) around 2 a.m. SuperBowl Sunday....and the rest is history...oh except for the part where B, my four year old, came down with this virus on our "going home day", that skyrocketed his temperature, so the next night he was in Urgent Care with the hubby and my sister.....ahhh, such is the life....things have gone pretty smooth sailing for us...and our boys continue to bless us everyday!

Thanks for reading!


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