Pink Power

I am sporting my pink headband today in honor of my friend Nicky and her niece Eryn, who is 3 years old and battling Leukemia.  Being the mother of two little boys, and reading what this poor little thing(and her parents) have to go through breaks my heart.  The family is so strong and they are fighting this thing head on, cancer is not going to win. I was more than happy to help out by buying a "bani band" for Eryn.  I love wearing it, the sparkles make feel "girly" and every time I look at it, I say a prayer for Eryn....besides blogging about her niece, she has a great Etsy shop and her blog is quite funny..  Check her out!


  1. Shut the front door! You are awesome!!!

    I've so appreciated all your support and sweet comments during this rough time... it means a lot... really it does. ;-)

    Thank you soo much!

    xoxo Nicky


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