Is Lent like New Year's Resolutions?

Good Morning, or almost good afternoon.....!

Got in a great sweaty workout with Bootcamp this morning, and then hopped on the ole treadmill for a quick interval workout

Fast...and furious....:)

We were at a birthday party for my nephew and we started discussing what people were giving up for Lent. I am not of the Catholic religion but it got me thinking when one of my friends said "it's just like New Year's Resolutions" you start it but it fizzles....

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions  click here to see why and I feel like this year I have succeeded more with my nutrition than any years past, and I totally attribute it to eating clean.  Of course I splurge every once in awhile but my body sure lets me know that it did not approve!

I feel that in year's past with me my New Year's resolutions were just thoughts on papers, lofty aspirations that I knew I probably wouldn't get to, and it amounted to pressure to achieve those resolutions(all brought on by me) and then disappointment when I didn't.  This past year when I decided not to do New Year's Resolutions, things just fell into place and I am in a great place physically, emotionally, and nutritionally.  I set small goals(not just working out and nutrition goals, but life goals, financial goals) for myself and family, and each time I or we achieve a goal, it is another step up onto bigger and better things...(feel like I am sounding uber cheesy right now:)

So that is what I have been thinking about you have New Year's Resolutions, have you stuck with them?


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