Fitness Friday

This is so unbelievably late but what can you do when you are planning birthdays for your two boys, and family is venturing into town, and your house needs a deep cleaning.  So here it is, without further delay...and in two days you will have another Fitness Friday(keep your fingers crossed that it will be on time)

Ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 7.5

Yoga Intensive Training Weekend
90 minutes of yoga(love love love)

Got in a good interval treadmill workout before heading to Yoga Training

Warmup: 2 minutes @ 6.0
Each minute after that increase by .5 increments…6.0-9.0, 9.0-6.0,
Repeat until you want to stop


 I got in about 40 minutes and then the kids woke up

90 minutes of Yoga Training


Bootcamp Workout
Treadmill Workout
½ Marathon program said easy 3 mile run so that is what I did


30 minute treadmill workout

30 min Jump Rope Circuit
Set your interval timers for each exercise 60 seconds, with 30 second rest

Jump Rope
Mountain Climbers
Jump Rope
Jump Rope
Cleans with barbell or db
Jump Rope
Plank Knee Obliques
Jump Rope
Donkey Kicks
Jump Rope
In/Out Squats
Jump Rope
Reverse Lunges
Jump Rope
Wood Choppers Left
Jump Rope
Wood Chopers Right
Jump Rope

Ab Circuit:  Repeat 3 times

10 each side/Lobster Claw Abs
(lay on ground, stack one heel on other toe, 
lift into air and back down keeping feet together) Repeat on other side

Plank Hold- as long as you can or 3 minutes

20 Hover twist with db
sitting on floor, lean back, engage abs and twist from side to side, 
arms slightly outstretched, touch dumbbell to floor on each side
Set your interval timers for each exercise 60 seconds, with 30 second rest

"Old Ladies Volleyball"
Walk with the sister before we played volleyball

40 minute elliptical, fat burning setting
30 min strength



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