Fitness Friday

I cannot believe it is time for Fitness Friday again already.  How fast the weeks fly is a recap of my weekly workouts.  I have really started to refocus on some strength training and I am really liking it.  

 Friday, January 27th:   
30 Minute Bootcamp class followed by 30 minutes on and off the mini trampoline( I just love that thing, I don't know if it is because it makes me feel like a kid again or what)
30 on- High Knees
30 off- Burpees
30 on- In/Out Squats
30 off- Lobster Claw abs
30 on- Heel Touches in front of body
30 off- Up/Down Planks
30 on-Knee Lift with Elbow to Knee Twist
30 off- Donkey Kicks
Rest 30 seconds and repeated 5 times....

Saturday, January 28th:  
Treadmill/Tabata workout

Sunday, January 29th:    
Tried Zumba...I thought it was okay. A nice workout for not wanting to do something totally strenuous, I was sweating a little and enjoyed the dancing, just thankful nobody was there to witness it!

Monday, January 30th:
Bootcamp- 30 minutes
Yoga-30 minutes
This treadmill workout:

Walked for 45 minutes at work(we are taking part in the Healthy Iowa Initiative and this weeks challenge, who could get the most activity points)

This strength training workout.  I have been strength training a lot more lately, really trying to whittle those muscles to lean and mean.
Wednesday, February 1st:
Bootcamp-30 minutes
"Old Ladies" Volleyball- 1 hour

Treadmill Workout: I am on a program and this was today's workout.
Thursday, February 2nd:
I am by no means a swimmer, nor do I claim to be one. I make up the workouts as I go in the pool.  All I know is I am winded and sucking air whenever I get a pool workout in.

 And so, that concludes this week of workouts.  Whew...Busy week but I am really enjoying putting together different workouts and mixing it up.  Hope you enjoy!


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