I love me a challenge....

So, I decided to embark on a the No Sugar Challenge with The Gracious Pantry.  WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! Actually, I am doing fairly well, I don't eat a lot of sugars to begin with but boy do I love me some pretzel m&m's and the occasional dessert (excuse me why I wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth) I could sure use one right now, in my 3 p.m. weak hour!  Focus, Focus.

I embarked on this little two week journey to cleanse from my sugar induced coma over Christmas. My mom makes thee best sugar cookies and frosting and so therefore I partake, in abundance...I figured now would be a good time to stop the sugar for awhile and refocus my diet.

I will keep myself accountable here on this page and document my thoughts and feelings and pains:)

 Tuesday, January 3rd.....Day 1:  So far so good, but I did hit that 3p.m. mark and was definetly craving something sugary, and had to do some serious self talkdown...and I did it.  I went for a stroll in the building, drank some water, and was fine.

Wednesday, January 4th.....Day 2: Still going strong but I can definitely feel the sugar craving after I eat my lunch.  I don't know why my body thinks it needs something sweet and it is fighting me on it, and I am hoping this two week challenge will cut that habit out.

Thursday, January 5th....Day 3....
Stay tuned.....


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