Guest Post: My foodie pen pal recipient...Leah

Hey guys!
I’m Leah, a nutrition student at North Carolina State University! Casey was my foodie pen pal for the month of January and she was a great one! If you don’t know about foodie pen pals, go check out .The Lean Green Bean This is a great program to help you meet fellow food bloggers (although I don’t have one yet!) and get a taste of different regions foods.
When I picked up my package from my apartment complex office, my first thought was ‘OMG IT IS TOO CUTE!’ I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what was beyond the colorful paper that Casey thoughtfully wrapped it in.

I pulled out so many goodies including Justin almond butter to go, a new flavor of coconut water that I’ve never tried, DELICIOUS granola, Salsa chips *YUM*, and snap green beans. I immediately broke in to the snap green beans..along with my roommates and it is sad to say they are no longer. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I’m keeping the chips to set out at Superbowl though, so I am savoring the package!
Casey, thank you so much for all you did and the thought you put into the package. Not only were the gifts personal, but your note was thoughtful as well.
Best wishes and Go Pack,

Look at the nutrition facts on this puppy! THAT’S AMAZING compared to other granolas with tons of sugar and calories!


  1. LOVE that she wrapped the box!! i've been eying those snap pea crisps at the store!

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