New Year's Resolutions

I was talking to a friend of mine and we were talking about goals and what we had done over the past year and if there were any New Year's Resolutions and it struck me...I HATE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, because in my history they have never lasted, oh I want to budget better, I want to pay off this, I want to lose this much weight, I want to do this...blah blah this year after some thinking, I am posting what I am proud of accomplishing this last year, and what I am lookign forward to in the coming year.....

 * I loved the nutrition classes I have taken, and how much I have learned and that I have adapted a cleaner way of eating for me and my family(Kyle is very supportive and he will try anything so that helps out, and we make recipes that we know will work for us and our family) I want to continue to expand on that knowledge in the next year....

 *loving lemon wedges in my water, I drink A LOT OF WATER and this adds a little flavor to it and helps with digestion

* LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Bootcamp Madness  at 5:30a.m. (gets me moving and revs up the ole energy and metabolism furnace) that has infiltrated our town and surrounding is amazing to see the transformation in my body, and others who are on the path to a healthier way fo living. Not only do I take the classes, I have the opportunity to lead classes, which I just thrive on...being able to help others and push them past their limits.....

*blogging, while I am not very good at posting everyday, I am getting better. My Health and Wellness Blog allows me the opportunity to share my ideas, workouts, recipes, with others in hopes that they can live a healthier life. For this year...I want my blog to be HUGE, I want thousands of followers, I want to include videos, and so much more....I want to help as many people as I can! Oh, I also have a My Facebook Page CSWFitandYoga, where I post things too!   

 So there....some of the few things I am proud of and would like to work on in the next year! Hope you enjoy

Do you do New Year's Resolutions?


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