Family Fun

Looking foward to family fun this weekend as my parents and sister and her two girls make their way to southern Iowa and we all pile into vehicles to shop the day away.  Of course, a visit to Santa is always on the agenda.

Tonight I have a homemade pizza concoction I am so excited to try and for them to try and tomorrow morning breakfast should be a wam bam fantastic too! (I need to get better at taking pictures, I will work on that)

Still going strong with the 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge!!! Check out my workouts and what I have been doing if you would like.

Read an interesting article on Preventing Fitness Setbacks before they happen on Sparkpeople.  From time to time, I admit, I lose my workout mojo, I need a change from the regular rut, I need a challenge, or I just don't feel like working out and so reading these really hit home.  I will give you a summarized version of the article:
1. You're too busy at work........solution, workout early in the morning( I have two kids, so morning is the best time for me to workout) or take small 15 minute breaks and do some resistance band exercises, etc..throughout the day.
2. You forgot your gym bag......keep a spare set in the car
3. You lost all motivation......set goals that matter to you and that you can get excited about, also regularly switch up exercise routines so they're fun and fresh
4.The weather is less than ideal.....have a back up plan in place
5.You're late for the group exercise class......don't join class late..distracting for other class attendees...instead head out to the gym and do something that is similar to that workout class(cardio, strength, stretching)
 6. The gym is packed.....try a new machine that is not busy, try to go during non busy times
 7. You are beyond sleepy.....make sleep a priority, don't short yourself on sleep to get more things done in a day, sleep is vital to your health and wellness
 8.You forgot your workout tunes....this could be a chance to get in tune with your body and thoughts, pay attention to your breath, how your body feels, can you push yourself more
 9. You don't feel good......always listen to your body, but sometimes workouts can alleviate symptoms and you feel better afterwards
 10. You overslept and missed your workout time....been there done that, but now I set more than one alarm, and place your alarm out of arm's reach so you have to get up:)
 11. You have to travel.....bring a resistance band along, or a dvd to play on your laptop, maybe check out different routes around the hotel for running or walking, or the hotel gym is always an option
 12.  You get injured......make sure you are wearing proper footwear, that you don't do too much too soon or too hard or too often.  Warm up and cool down properly...remember to always listen and respect your body!


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