20 Day Workout Challenge


I am joining up with Iowa Girl Eats and her 20 Day Workout Challenge.  It is just a simple reminder to keep working out during the Holidays when everything gets so hectic and the treats become very tempting.  Would love to have you join us.  Let me know if you are participating!

Monday, November 28: 30 minutes, Bootcamp 26 minutes running, 3.12 miles
Tuesday, November 29: 30 minutes Bootcamp
Wednesday,November 30: 30 minutes Bootcamp, "Old ladies" volleyball league game tonight....reliving collegiate volleyball career by pounding on the "less experienced"...don't judge me, it is who I am, and those who know me just deal with it:)
Thursday,December 1st: 30 minutes easy walking
Friday, December 2nd: 30 minutes bootcamp, 23.34 minutes, 3.0 miles on the treadmill

Monday, December 5th: 30 minute bootcamp, 3 miles on treadmill at 8.0 pace
Tuesday, December 6th: 30 minute bootcamp
Wednesday,December 7th: 30 minute bootcamp, 20 minutes jumping on the mini trampoline(FUN, felt like a kid again)
Thursday, December 8th: 1 hour of Yoga
Friday, December 9th: 30 minute Bootcamp

2 weeks down and feeling good, and love knowing that I am doing something great for my body and my health everyday!

Monday, December 12th: 30 minute Bootcamp, 30 minute Fat Loss Setting Elliptical
Tuesday, December 13th: 30 minute Bootcamp
Wednesday, December 14th: 30 minute Bootcamp, 30 minute My Mini Trampoline Workout


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