I guess I don't need to hold my son today....

Can't.Feel.My.Arms...thanks to Bootcamp Madness this morning.  30 minutes of bicep, tricep, squat pressing, pull up hell!!!!  It hurts so good...right? This mornings workout consisted of 8 exercises, but we had to do a 100 of each exercise...start with your heaviest weight and go as long as you can then lower your weight.  Let me tell you, lowering your weight didn't feel any different.  Everything was so fatigued...15lb dumbbells felt like 30's.  I sure love a good workout though.  Tomorrow is a long run day(7-8 miles) in my half marathon training(half marathon is taking place on October 16th), then it is off to the Hawkeye Football Game.  I LOVE FOOTBALL SATURDAYS! The cool fall mornings tailgating, the energy in the stadium, I have goosebumps thinking about it!

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  We are having a BBQ with friends and then relaxing on Monday.  Can't wait, the weather sounds beautiful! 


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