Bad mother..............

So, this is supposed to be a "scrapbook" for Eli and Bryson and I realize I haven't posted on those two sweeties in a long time. It couldn't be because of the soccer games, the crawling all over the place and pulling yourself up on everything phase, and life in general could it.  Enough with the excuses, here are some pictures of what our life is like right now.  Enjoy. 
                                                           Where are those dogs?
                                                               GO HAWKS!

                                                               B and mom yoga time
                                                                 Family golf night
                                                          Lunch and kids day at Iowa!

                                                         State Fair with Grandpa Spree

                                                          Loving the Iowa State Fair

                                              Taking a run through the fountains to cool off
                                                     Parkersburg Fun Days with Peyton

                                                      First day of 4 year old preschool

                                                Bryson and mom ready for the Hawk game

                                           Let's not forget about our annual Adventureland trip

                                                       Golfing with Rachael and Kirk

                                               6 month shots, this face screams "please no"

                                                                 More golfing

                                                  Park time and big brother B helping push Eli

Well, there is a small bit of our summer. I will try to be better at posting!  I have soccer pictures to share, and a photo shoot coming up, so more pictures to come!


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