I made it....

Ragbrai 2011 Check! Off the ole' bucket list. If you don't know what Ragbrai is, it is a week long biking riding event through Iowa.  You get to take the backroads and check out some great towns. Lance Armstrong rode the route the day before.  He usually rides every year which is kind of cool. My "jaunt" that I chose to do this year was 75 miles. I have always wanted to participate in at least one day, and last Friday as it was going through where I work so I figured there was not time like the present.  My day in pictures.....

 Pre take off getting geared up.  You wouldn't know it but I was a little nervous.  I hadn't really "bike prepared" as much as I wanted but I work out a lot and run a lot so I thought I would be okay.  Turns out I was right...wasn't even sore the next day which surprised the heck out of me. 

                                              Classic long arm shot of my face filled with nervousness......

                       "WE RIDE"  Taking a picture and driving  bike, not the easiest thing to do, but you don't dare stop with hundreds upon hundreds of bicycles surrounding you.

                                                                    First stop....Brooklyn


                                                            And now Marengo

       Coming into Oxford...only about 23 more miles from here.... oh and someone forgot to mention that from this point on it was mostly hills, some major hills that you will have to climb(While your pedal is going all wacko on you making a weird popping sound...Nice)
                                                          Coralville... I see the finish line....I made it  

                                                      Pretty neat Entrance for us to end on!

                              My husband brought the boys to cheer me on at the end....and drive me home, LOVE!

Review:  So doing this again next year.  Cannot wait.  I have even rounded up my sisters and husband to ride it with me next year!  It was such a great experience and all the towns were so welcoming~kudos to all the coordinators and volunteers in those towns.

Got home and made a couple different "clean" recipes I will share with you either later tonight or tomorrow.


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