Time sure does fly

The weather has been scorching lately so we pulled out the pool and we have been enjoying the cool water as evidenced by the following pictures.

Below is how we fish here at the Wetjen farm...in our pool and sitting on chairs...honestly, I leave these two alone for 5 minutes and find them like this! 

See the hot guy in the orange trunks, that man has lost 20lbs since we started Bootcamp Madness here in town.  It is such a great workout!   So PROUD of him and isn't he looking "fine"  (I wrote that last line for my sister Nicole who is probably gagging and rolling her eyes right now)

Then we got this big boy....with the big ole' ears!  Just like his brother when he was that age...but look at that face(me making a squishy face and talking like a weirdo)don't you just want to kiss and hug and squeeze

Anyways, since I am not the best at scrapbooking, this is my scrapbooking for right now and I am updating his acheivements.

1.  Doctor said we could start on the solids at his 4 month appt last month and we haven't looked back since.  Eli loves any kind of real food, seriously...... peas, beans, squash, rice, he takes it down like a champ, and lots of it. 

2.  He totally mastered the roll from his back to the belly right away, and that is supposed to be the hard one...but he will not roll from his belly to his back..we are working on it.

3.  He is now scooting backwards, he figured it out while on his belly, that if he pushes with his arms and kicks his legs, he could scoot himself backwards.  Note: I am so not ready for him to be crawling and all over the place...that means he is growing way too fast!!!!

4. He loves his brother....LOTS, Bryson can walk into the room and Eli's face just lights up and he grins from ear to ear.  LOVE IT!  Can't wait for those two to play together.   


  1. What a blessing to have two healthy, happy baby boys :) Have a great weekend!


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