Quick HIIT workout! (High Intensity Interval Training)

Start with a warm up...dynamic stretches such as arm circles, squats, and jumping jacks
Do all reps for each exercise without a break
Balls to the wall(as I like to say) Move as hard, as fast, and as high as you can each rep
Always keep your joints "soft" land softly, avoid locking

15 sec rest between each exercise

See pictures below for instructions.  There is not picture of jumping jacks because I am assuming we all know how to do jumping jacks:)

1. 20 Mountain climbers(love these from Bootcamp classes)

2. 10 pushups, can be done on knees or as regular push up

3. 10 burpees(another favorite)

4. 10 dips on chair on on floor

5. 20 knee ups
6. 30 sec plank with split jumps

7. Rock and Roll crunches with stand up, (come down on your butt, roll onto back pushing feet straight in air, come up to standing without using hands if you can)

8. 20 jumping jacks

Repeat 3-5 times

Got my heart rate going and I could definetly feel it.


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