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via FitDay.com:  Here are few quick, easy, healthy snack items to have on hand. You may need to store some in your office's break-room fridge,but you can stash other shelf-stable options in your purse, car, desk, or locker at work. Reach for these when a snack-attack sneaks up on you. Be sure to always plan ahead for a sneak snack-attack. Hunger pangs tend to strike mid- to late-afternoon as our blood sugar and serotonin levels drop, causing us to crave carbohydrates to refuel. If you're not prepared, you may find yourself reaching for whatever fat- and calorie-laden leftovers are sitting in the office break-room. Ideally, your meals and snacks should contain a mixture of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and a little healthy fat. Here are some snacks they suggested and I added a couple of my favorites in also. 
Light string cheese and a piece of fruit

Natural Peanut butter paired with whole-grain crackers or an apple

Beef jerky and whole-grain cereal

Sliced turkey with reduced-fat cheese and mustard and a handful of baby carrots

Trail mix made w/whole-grain cereal or crackers, dried fruit, and nuts

Instant packs of plain oatmeal, topped with nuts and a dash of cinnamon

Canned soups (look for light versions and those with lower sodium)

Nonfat yogurt topped w/ granola or pretzels

Granola bars (choose those that are high in fiber and have less sugar)

Hummus with whole-grain crackers or pita bread, or cut-up vegetables

Pouches of tuna or salmon with whole-grain crackers or rice cakes

A couple of hard-boiled eggs and a whole-wheat toast

Low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese topped with sliced pineapple or cucumber

A snack in the mid- to late-afternoon can help stave off hunger and provide you with a much-needed energy boost. Healthy snacking has also been proven to prevent overeating later in the day, which tends to happen when you eat too few calories throughout the day and overcompensate by binging in the evening.


  1. Oh...these are great. I get so bored with my cottage cheese and pineapple. Thanks!


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