An amazing 90th birthday celebration for an amazing man....

We celebrated my Grandpa Merle's 90th birthday this past weekend with a big ole family bash!  Everyone had a great time, and if you know my grandpa, he loved talking to everyone.  This is a man who meets someone on the elevator and talks to them and somehow finds out he is related to them or someone he knows.  This is also a man who may be 90 but acts like he is 60.  It amazes me how he still works outside fixing things, hauling things with the tractor, climbing on rafters(I know, I know.... and he has been scolded) and recentlyl lifting boulders(again, he was scolded, but he rarely listens).    This is a man who loves picking on his grandchildren, but also loves them unconditionally.  He attends each and every athletic event, music event, church program, baptism, birthday party he can and will let you know how proud he is of you!  This is also a man who will take your quarter from you each and every time his chuckwagon team(Black D) wins over your chuckwagon team!  I think I speak for all of the grandchildren when we say that we are truly blessed to have this man in our lives and WE LOVE YOU GRANDPA!

The whole Uhlenhopp clan

Grandpa and his daughters,they try to keep him in line


Great grandkids

Kisses for Daffy from Peyton and Bryson

My beautiful neices


My grandpa and his siblings

Enjoying a great afternoon

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