WIWW (What I wore wednesdays)

                                   Hi...my name is Casey and this is what I wore this week......

 So, here we go. I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy and her WIWW(What I wore wednesdays). My friend Nicky has been doing it for weeks and I anxiously await Wednesdays to see what everyone has been wearing.  It has given me great ideas too.  She started it as a way to get out of the "house clothes" and make an effort to get dressed.  I have been on maternity leave so my typical outfit has been my workout clothes, because when the kids are asleep I am working out.  But, I will be heading back to work in the next week so I am using this as a tool to help me utilize my closet full of clothes.  I am putting myself on a "clearance rack" sabbatical.  I love shopping clearance and think I am making a steal(which I am, but I buy a lot on clearance and that still adds up)  So, I am  using WIWW to use the clothes in my closet(some of which have tags on still). I am just starting so my pictures will get better.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please check out the rest of my fitness blog!

                              #1  Taking Bryson to school, and Eli and I shopping in Iowa City

Striped Shirt-Walmart
Sleeveless Cardigan-Kmart clearance rack
Necklaces-Premiere Jewelry-My sister sells it
Shoes-Silver loafers-Kmart clearance rack

                                                    Black scripture bracelet-Small shop in my hometown
                                                    Acheive Bracelet-From my upline for acheiving VIP in Beauticontrol
                                                    Silver bracelet-Silpada Designs


Jacket and Shirt: Clearance Rack at Von Maur
Pants: Hudson Jeans(I swear these jeans were meant for me) clearance at Von Maur.  Most expensive pair of pants I own, even on clearance, but they fit me like a glove.
Mustard flats: Clearance at Target
Jewelry-Premiere(my sister)

   #3  A not so flattering pose
                                                            Shirt: Clearance at Kmart
                                                            Long cardigan-Gift from my sister Nicole for Christmas
                                                            Pants-Vanity(eons ago)
                                                         *please ignore the barefeet, I forgot to put my shoes back on
                                                           I wore goldish toned flats from payless

So there you have it, my first week of What I wore Wednesday.  See you next week.


  1. great first week. can not wait to see more. I esp love the scripture bracelets. awesome!

  2. I've thought about participating in WIWW, but I've been too chicken. Thanks for the inspiration. Cute outfits!


  3. Super cute! I love it too! I get great inspirations and great friends too!
    Love your outfits! I love polka dots and stripes :)
    Follow me back and here is my post!

  4. You did good, Casey! I joined up for the first time today, too! I've been trying to become more conscious again of what I wear after work and on weekends. Typically, I just throw on athletic pants and a T-shirt, but I've been feeling a bit frumpy.

  5. Good job with your 1st WWIW, I'm visiting from the pleated poppy! Mustard yellow is a really fun color I've seen around WWIW. I'm currently training for my first 5k check out my blog to read more!

  6. What a great first week! Your outfits are adorable. I love the mustard flats!! Can't wait to see what you are wearing this week :)


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