Meals for this week

I am so far behind on blogs it is not even funny....getting back to work and then being home with kids does not leave much time.  Bootcamp is still going fantastic, I look forward to the workouts, and next week I look forward to teaching YOGA...woohoo!  Can't wait! 

Here are going to be my meals for the next week.

Monday:  Memorial Day so probably do some grilling out!

Tuesday: Grilled Taco Chicken

Wednesday:  Something crockpot for the boys while I am out with the ladies golfing at league

Thursday:  Ham and Swiss Quiche since Kyle is gone golfing on men's league and B and I like breakfast

Friday: Heading to parents for my grandpa's 90th birthday celebration!  He is amazing. I can't wait to share a post on that party!

I will also post pictures of the finished meal and the recipes throughtout the week.  

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!

I realize I have not been posting my "Tuesday torture move"  I will get on that this week now that we are in a routine and things have calmed down at work. 


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