Triathlon Training and a new segment


Progress on the triathlon trianing is going well.  I feel like I am always sore so that is good.  I love the variation of the triathlon training.  When I was training for my 1/2 marathon I just ran and ran and ran.  Now I get to incorporate biking, swimming, and running which keeps the body guessing and workouts less mundane.  Last nights swim workout was no exception.  It was a doozy and my arms are feeling it.  Thanks to Coach Carrie or that one:) 

I am going to be adding in a new segment to this blog to make me more accountable. Try it Tuesday is what I will call it.  I will show you a video of a exercise that I love to do.  Next week will be the first one and I will featuring an ab and glute burning combo.  Ab hold into table pose is what I call it. My abs are burning just thinking about it. 


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