Meals for the week

Monday-Rotini and Cheese-Multigrain Pasta with Sharp Cheddar Cheese-Yummy

Tuesday- Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday-Boys are on their own.  Mom is celebrating her volleyball team season Championship uptown!

Thursday-Crispy Panko Chicken- Baked Chicken with crispy panko bread crumbs and dijon mustard

Friday-Homemade Pizza Rolls using whole wheat pizza crust, canadian bacon, and low fat cheeses

Saturday- Potato Soup

Sunday- Raspberry Turkey Roll Ups- Whole Wheat Tortillas, smoked turkey, raspberry sauce, and spinach. 

Workouts have consisted of running, running, and more running. I have my first 5K since having the baby.  This starts my summer race schedule.  I am also taking on a few tri's so that will be interesting.  I will post those workouts as I am doing them. 


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