38 weeks and did not expect that..................

So, here we are at 38 weeks and all is well, now.  My 38 week appt turned out to be somewhat of a crazy, nerve wracking appt.  Everything was fine that day, got to my appt, waited the usual hour for a 5 minute check.  Doctor checked to see how far I was dialated....and she dropped the 3cm bomb.  Wow, couldn't believe that, I was expecting a .5 cm..Anyways, got up, got dressed and(be prepared, too much information is around the corner) felt like my water had broke, but it was blood.  So, called the doctor, and they told me to go to Labor and Delivery, where I would then spend the next 3 hours.  After testing, it appears that during my cervix check, the doctor broke a blood vessel and that is what was causing the bleeding.  Scared the **&& out of me and my family, but we are good.  I have been having contractions every once in awhile, so maybe this little baby will make his appearance earlier.  So, that was our "fun filled' doctors appt day! 

And, let me tell you something...this man is my rock, my ying to my yang, my calming force....he keeps me sane when I am on my OCD binges, tells me when I am being psycho:) and yesterday during our hospital visit was no exception....I am lucky to be married to him and to have a family with him.  Thanks babe!  Love you

 In other news, we got to spend a fun filled day home on Wednesday since there were 11ft drifts covering our road, courtesy of the snowstorm.  We wore Bryson out.....

This is how we roll on the farm...snowblower, don't think so.  We get ourselves a big ole' tractor!

I will keep you posted of any breaking news that might come along.  We are celebrating Bryson's birthday this weekend. Spiderman is the theme and boy is he excited. 


  1. can't wait!!! glad baby is OK--excited for him to come into the world! happy birthday bryson!

  2. Whew! What a week you had! Glad everything is okay and you're feeling good! Sounds like Bryson won't have to share his birthday....we'll see! :)


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