36 weeks, the countdown is on!

I hit the 36 week mark today, and that marks only 4 more weeks till Baby W arrives.  We can't wait, and neither can Bryson! (or aunt Nicole, or Aunt Rachael, or grandpa and grandma)  Sorry about the lighting of the picture, I took this at work in the bathrooms this morning.  Lovely!  Everything feels ready for the arrival, so now we just patiently wait.  Planning a birthday party for Bryson...buzz lightyear is the theme he wants to go for this year!  To Infinity and Beyond! 

Playing raquetball!
What you don't see in this video
1. Right before we shot this, he got a hold of the ball and nailed me right in the head
2. How he sticks his tongue out just like his mom when he is concentrating. 


  1. you look amazing! & i love your hair! griff & B need a play date soon!


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