What, only 9 more weeks?

Sure, I am smiling in this picture, but inside I am thinking....oh my gosh, I have so much to do before this little bundle gets here, and 9 weeks will just go so fast!  I am on 2 week appts now to check out this little "kung fun master" as he has affectionately begun to be known as, using my ribs and organs as punching bags.  I love watching Bryson's face as he sees my belly moving and bouncing from Baby W's constant movement.  He keeps asking how much longer we have to wait for the baby to come out!  We are measuring on time, and heartbeat is 144. 
Heading out to my cousin's wedding this weekend.  Should be a great time spent with family and Bryson is very much looking forward to the dance!  I will hopefully be getting some good video of him showing his moves on the dance floor! 
Tomorrow marks Kyle and I's annual Christmas Shopping and Lunch date day.  Can't wait to spend some time with him, especially since he just got back from a work trip to Dallas. 

Take care all!


  1. hey pretty girl, you look fantastic! so excited for baby boy #2 to get here! seems like just yesterday you were telling me you were prego at golf.


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