Santa's helpers...not so much

Why you ask are my pictures blurry of Bryson sitting on Santa's lap?  Well, it is because, little Miss Santa's helper thought it would be a cool game to try to get in my picture shot every time I tried to take a picture.  (I didn't purchase a 23.00 5X7 so the two girls made it a game to follow me everywhere and mess up my picture.  Real mature right!) 

I will show one messes with a pregnant mom on Christmas!  I got one of the kids chatting it up with Santa.  My parents and sister and neices came up for the day so we could do some Christmas shopping(which I got none done, but don't worry, Kyle and I have our annual shopping day coming up on the 17th where we will hammer down) and go watch my cousin Kate play (Simpson vs. Coe) Storm prevailed.  GO KATE!

                                  No Christmas shopping trip is complete without a trip to the PLAYLAND!!!!

                                 Baby update tomorrow when I take pictures tonight of the big ole' belly!


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