Christmas....Take 1

 I can't believe how fast the holidays go when you are spending time with family.  It seems like I was just wishing for Christmas to be here so we could go home, eat some of my mom's sugar cookies, dine on prime rib Christmas Eve, egg casserole Christmas morning along with orange julius!  Christmas traditions at our house are delicious!

Annual Christmas Eve before church picture taking, hard to believe next year there will be two boys in the picture with us!
Bryson and Jenzen before church started, he loves his cousins Peyton and Jenzen

For those of you who don't know, my mom loves to sing, mostly her own ballad renditions but none the less, she sings. I looked over at B during the church program and my mom was singing carols to him and I loved it!  Had to make a memory!

Peyton performing at her Christmas Program.  She practiced her line so well for us at my mom's but do you think she would say it when she got up on stage....HECK NO! We thought it was humorous, Rachael...not so much! 

Every year my mom gets the kids matching pajamas and wants a picture in front of the tree. The next photographs you see will prove how well that went!

Take 1


Take 2


    Take 3   
Forget the pictures grandma, It's present opening time!

Christmas Eve leaving cookies and milk for Santa, thanking him for bringing his presents to Grandpa and Grandmas since he wasn't going to be home Christmas morning. 


Lest not forgot aformentioned Prime Aunt Nancy and Uncle Craig, along with my cousins come over for a SUPERB Prime Rib dinner after church on Christmas Eve.  This year my mom hosted and it was delicious!  Just wish I could fit more food in my belly but something is taking up residence in my stomach and squashing everything. 

This picture says so much...our warm headbands, matching pajama pants, the scarves I knitted for them for Christmas, my pants falling down from Nicole pulling them, and lastly what you can't HEAR, Rachael grunting and out of breath from holding if!  My girls, my sisters~

So Christmas part 1 was a success and so much fun!  Christmas part 2 blog will come later after I am done editing some of the pictures for our Big Wetjen Family picture. 
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and my family and I look forward to a very Happy New Year!


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