Another round of surgery....

Friday morning we woke up to this....................let me preface this by saying B was born with some bumps on his arm and hand and the doctors thought they would go away.  This was not the case.  What they are, are lots and lots of veins that have no where to go so they attach to an artery...which in turn blood clogs, and they swell.  It is not dangerous but it does hurt him and is sensitive so they want to get them taken out.  So, went  to the doctor on Friday, she had a surgery cancellation for Monday, and we were set.  We went through this about a year ago for his hand so we were prepared for the situation, but it still makes this momma worry.

What is it about the robes that make you just want to hold on and never let go.....he did so well, never complained once, never cried that he didn't want to go, I was so proud of him!

Just waiting for them to take him to surgery, watching Nemo! 

And the finished product......

The doctors and nurses, and anesthesiologist were all so great at Mercy.  They were so nice, and that makes it a lot easier on this high strung, hurt my baby and I will drop you....mother....Bryson came out of surgery much more awake than last year and was on full throttle when we got home, making me wonder if we didn't just come from the hospital and have surgery.

Thank you all for your calls, texts, and well wishes. 
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.  We are heading to Parkersburg.  Can't wait!


  1. So glad to hear the surgery went well... I understand the worries... it's what us mommas do!

    btw ... you look soo adorable pregnant... Happy Thanksgiving!


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