A weekend home, a photo shoot, and a "what I want for Christmas request"

A couple shots from the Photo Session....sorry about the ones that are not rotated.  They wouldn't rotate to blogger. I don't know what is going on!  All of them are on facebook if you want to check them out:)

                        A Weekend home in Parkersburg.  I just love visits to home seeing my parents, sister's family, neices, aunts, grandpa, grandma....there is definetly not enough weekend to do everything I want to.  B graduated up to Bubble Gum, my aunt's shetland pony, and he thought he was pretty cool!  He did not want to leave Grandma and Grandpa's house on Sunday.

"What B wants for Christmas"
My aunt has our family trampoline at her house.  Many a flip and jumps were done on this thing and it is still holding up strong.  Well B wants one now after jumping and jumping and jumping.  I told him to ask Santa.  My mom is already worrying about him getting hurt. 

                                                   Aunt Deb hooked up the trailer to the four wheeler and we took our own little mini hayrack ride through the fields. These two just loved it. 

That was our weekend and week in a nutshell.  Baby W is at 22 weeks now and we are still doing good.  My belly(and my chest) are starting to get bigger and bigger, according to Kyle :)  We are anxiously awaiting the new arrival and know that these last 4 months will go fast with the holidays. Bryson can hardly wait to share all of his stuff with his new baby brother(which he thinks we are naming Benny the Bull, from Dora) We are starting to work on the nursery, so be looking forward to that post!


  1. Beautiful photos! Done locally here or in PBurg? Zoe loves Diego also and is going as Baby Jaguar for Halloween.


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