Where are the blogs

You ask me where the blogs are, and I tell you I am sorry, I am working on something big right now and it is literally ZAPPING all of my energy.   That something big is this......

 My husband and I are welcoming our second child on February 17, 2011(my first son's birthday:).  We are so super excited.  I have not had morning sickness which is so awesome, but I have been extremely tired which is so not like me.  I rarely sit down and I find myself yearning to nap.  I am now in my 12th week so the tired is subsiding, which is starting to feel great.  My workouts have waned a little bit but I have gotten a couple runs in and elliptical.  Food just hasn't sounded the same so our meals consist of things that are easy and fast and healthy.

Now that my energy is returning, I am ready and raring to get working out on a more consistent basis again, and to get my blog going again. 

I am currently in the process of reviewing PURE organic bars.  They were so gracious to send me a box of samples and so far, all I can say is SCRUMPTIOUS!  I have one more to try and then I will do a full review. 

Thanks for your patience. 


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