My baby's first day of Preschool.....and let the crying commence

So excited for his first day!

Inside I am bawling, but I am strong for him:)

Jumping and showing us just how cool his new shoes are....

Covering his face telling me "MOM, no more pictures" 

Walking into school(Yes his backpack his very large, it was his diaper bag for awhile but he wanted to use it...after the first day he told me he would like a smaller one please)

Putting his bag in the cubby hole at school

And....this is where I lost it....Bryson did not want me to leave

So mom and B made it through the first day of school. I am sure every 1st day of school will be just as hard and I am only beginning.  Bryson's teachers are amazing and I know he will have a great time and learn alot...which puts worry wart momma's heart at ease...just a bit:)


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