Wow...what a weekend

What a great 4th of July weekend. Busy.Jam packed.Fun-filled. Everything about it was awesome.  Kyle and I ran the Firecracker Run on Saturday morning. I got 3rd place in the women's division.  I don't know what for sure my time was until they post them later this week.  I can't even begin to tell you what we ate this weekend, but Friday night was a great meal. Sirloin Kabobs with fresh Sweet Corn, and fresh Green Beans from the Garden.  A couple pictures.  Trying to cook, entertain a 3 year old and your parents, leaves little time for pictures.   

Soaked some skewers in water so they would not burn up...learned the hard way:)

Assembled the skewers. Sirloin( marinated in Famous Daves Sweet and Sassy,soy,worchestire, honey), green and red peppers, onion

Fresh Sweet Corn from the Farmer's Market uptown.  Yummy. So sweet...

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: Mulitgain Cheerios with 1 English Muffin half, other is for hubby
Morning Snack: Yogurt
Lunch: Leftover spaghetti with grill sweet potatoes
Afternoon Snack: Special K Crackers with either Hummus or my new favorite Laughing Cow Light Cream Cheese Wedges...Garlic and Herb....
Supper:  A grilled chicken and veggie pasta combo...

I am back and ready to blog with new food ideas, new exercise tips, and more.  Stay tuned!


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